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Job Description


To be responsible for the management of all project documents during project structuring and execution phases, and follow up on progress of works. Furthermore, responsible for configuration management when drafting project documents, such as Sub-EPC contracts.

The document controller position, is within the project control function, reporting directly to the project control manager.

Structuring phase:

In the structuring phase, the work is focusing on management of the structuring phase documents and following up progress of work. In addition, document packages for subcontractors are planned and checked as part of issue/submission of Supplier Master Document Requirement Lists (SMDRL) and Supplier Master Document Lists (SMDL). The Project Document Controller also needs to be responsible for configuration management when drafting relevant project documents such as (Sub-)EPC contracts

Execution phase:

The Site Document Controller: This role is under the Site Manager Function's supervision and is described under site management. The purpose of the role is to log quality documents and other supplier documentation produced at site.

The Project Document Controller shall manage supplier documents received by suppliers centrally (e.g. final documentation and quality documents), as well as reporting on document status. The Project Document Controller must also ensure that the standard documentation filing structure is adhered to across all SSO projects.


1. Operating System
  • Follow the guidelines and prescribed structures as outlined by the operating system
  • Provide continuous input towards improvement and optimisation of the operating system
  • Responsible to manage the implementation of the operating system on projects
2. Support to Structuring Phase of projects (if required)
  • Establish and manage document control system
  • Manage all structuring phase documents
  • Control all aspects of project documentation on multiple simultaneous projects, utilizing various control methods/systems.
  • Prepare, operate and update Document Control Procedures in line with the Company's Document Management System.
  • Ensure proper document control support is given to each project.
  • Produce and maintain Document Progress Reports to the Project Manager.
  • Create Document Control and correspondence folders for individual projects.
  • Work in strict co-operation with the Project Control and Project Manager to ensure project progress status integration.
  • Ensure all templates used with the department conform to the Company standard.
  • Ensure all documentation provided is as per Client quality formatting requirements. Formatting may include correcting templates, fonts and style, pagination and numbering and other activities that may be required to achieve a client's documentation requirements
  • Support to the project structuring phase as and when required by the Project Manager
  • Ad hoc duties as required to assist the project team
3. Manage, monitor and report delivery/execution
  • Manage all project documentation and the successful circulation thereof.
  • Utilization of database on document control system allowing for tracking of documents, checking of approval loops, revision identification etc.
  • Support the Contracts Team to receive, check and validate the drawings, input the drawings & Quality documents into the Database System, verify the metadata of each file and ensure timely distribution.
  • Ensure that circulation durations for distribution list and cycle are tracked and any deviations (delays) are reported, as these may impact the project delivery schedule.
  • At certain phases of a project, technical documents (i.e. civil, structural, electrical etc.) must be issued. The Document Controller is responsible for collecting the data, verifying the current revision status of the documents and distributing them. (i.e. preliminary, approval, construction, erection and as built documentation etc.)
  • Print and file hard copies of the documents and maintenance of updates to the document files.
  • Receive and answer emails, input information into the system, create transmittals to recipients, track documentation, and ensure nothing is delayed that would affect the timing of the project.
  • Responsible to ensure the project team comply with the document control procedures, and provide continues support
  • Inspect Contractor documentation and data capturing on a continuous basis
  • Maintain high standards of document management and ensure the successful administrational close out of execution phase.

1. Knowledge

  • National Diploma in Construction Management or Engineering
  • Basic understanding of Engineering / Procurement / Construction / Commissioning documents
  • Excellent MS Suite software knowledge
  • Familiar with e-Document management systems
  • Good technical knowledge
  • Good working knowledge of Adobe Acrobat
  • Any tertiary education in Business Administration advantageous
  • Project Management Diploma
  • Degree in Construction Management or Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
  • Excellent knowledge of ISO9001, and the implementation thereof on projects
2. Skills
  • Clear thinker
  • Be technically minded and understand clearly what is required to execute the works
  • Identify complex problems, review related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
  • Ability to communicate clearly in a professional and business manner to various parties
  • Ability to compile reports and submit to management in a structured and professional manner
  • Motivate, develop and direct people as they work and identifying the best people for the job
  • Sound understanding of multi-cultural environments
  • Self-directed and highly-motivated
  • Able to work in a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment
  • Detail-oriented, dependable and trustworthy
  • Proven ability in implementing electronic data and document management systems
  • Ability to prioritize and handle a substantial workload to agreed timescales
3. Experience

  • 5+ years working experience in a construction project environment
  • Document control experience, specifically of electronic document management system (EDMS)
  • 5+ years practical / hands-on experience in document management roles in EPC projects
  • Previous experience as document controller on large scale renewable energy projects
  • Must be able to work in an open plan environment
  • Must be able to work extended hours


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